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Lecture Event with Patrick Deneen on "Regime Change and the Future of Liberalism"

On Thursday February 22nd, the Society for Conservative Thought hosted Professor Patrick Deneen from the University of Notre Dame to speak on "Regime Change and the Future of Liberalism." The event was also co-sponsored by the Political Science Department and the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Patrick Deneen is a distinguished political theorist and the author of Why Liberalism Failed (2018) and Regime Change: Towards a Postliberal Future (2023).

Professor Deneen's lecture focused on his new book which outlines the Aristotelian classical tradition of a mixed constitution and the possibility of a new conservative elite to uphold order, stability, and continuity in a society that under liberal ideology is rapidly changing. He connected his analysis of classical political theory to the challenges facing contemporary America and implored students to retain obligations and duties to their communities.

After his lecture, Professor Deneen engaged in lively discussion with students on a variety of topics from how to construct social reciprocity and abortion ballot referenda to the impact of social media on identity formation. We want to thank Professor Deneen for his visit to Williams College and extensive time he spent with SCT members and students.



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