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Students Contribute to the 2018 Williams Human Library Event

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

William Howie '20 and John DiGravio '21 with event organizers.

On February 10th, John DiGravio '21 and William Howie '20 participated in the 2018 Williams Human Library event.

The Human Library seeks to diminish stereotypes and prejudices by providing a space for dialogue and understanding. Community members, referred to as "readers", are allowed to reserve "books", individuals who have diverse perspectives and important stories to share. Each one-on-one conversation lasts for around thirty minutes, in which each book shares their story and responds to the reader's questions.

John and Will were invited by administrators to participate as books to help diversify the pool of titles. Theirs was named "Delivering Diversity: Conservatism at Williams." They explained the personal experiences which contributed to the formation of their personal convictions, and explained how diversity of thought can ameliorate the Williams community. Among the variety of other titles represented were "Accidental Activist", "Becoming Atheist in a Foreign Country", and "Polyamorous".

John and Will were reserved by several different readers for the majority of the three hour session. They enjoyed the thoughtful and productive conversations, and are grateful for the invitation to participate.

The Society for Conservative Thought is committed to promoting intellectual diversity at Williams. If you are organizing an event and would like the Society to be represented, please contact



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