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Diversity, in All Its Forms: Society President Speaks on 10th Annual Claiming Williams Day

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

On February 1st, classes were cancelled for the tenth annual Claiming Williams Day event on topics related to diversity and inclusion.

Society President John DiGravio '21 was invited by student organizers to give a speech at a Claiming Williams morning event. The presentation, titled "Diversity, in All Its Forms: Conservative Thought at Williams" was delivered to 130 students and community members assembled in Griffin Hall. After articulating the foundations of his personal commitment to diversity of perspective, John explained the extent to which the College is failing to ensure the intellectual diversity of the curriculum and campus community. He then described the Society's efforts to address this issue and called upon members of the Williams community to uphold their commitment to diversity in all its forms. [Video below]

John has spoken at a number of public engagements related to intellectual diversity and conservative thought at Williams. If you would like to continue the conversation initiated in this speech, or arrange for John to present at another event, please contact him at



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