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Prof. Joshua McCabe Presents "Tackling Child Poverty" Policy Lecture

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

On March 1st, Professor Joshua T. McCabe of Endicott College presented a lecture titled "The Path Not Taken: Conservative Approaches to Tackling Child Poverty in the U.S. and Canada". The event was organized by the students of the Williams chapter of the American Enterprise Institute, and co-sponsored by the Society for Conservative Thought.

Addressing dozens of students and faculty, Professor McCabe explained how the current convoluted welfare system disadvantages America's poor. Using successful case studies of Canadian provinces, he demonstrated how consolidation of welfare programs can create a more navigable and efficient system. He spoke of the need to restructure entitlements so that they do not act as a disincentive to work or productivity. Professor McCabe also explained how the corporate tax rate reduction included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 benefits American families and positions the nation to be more competitive in the global marketplace.

The invitation of distinguished guests to voice conservative principles at Williams is essential to the mission of the Society for Conservative Thought. If you can refer such individuals who would be interested in contributing to a future event, please contact



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