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Society Attracts Prospective Students at 2018 Purple Key Fair

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Christian Lockwood '20 and William Howie '20 tabling at the 2018 Williams Previews Purple Key Fair

Christian Lockwood '20 and William Howie '20 represented the Society at the 2018 Williams Previews Purple Key Fair, an annual opportunity for student organizations to engage with prospective students from the next class of incoming freshmen. Christian and Will spoke with dozens of enthusiastic high school students, many of whom were surprised and impressed that a conservative society exists at Williams. Several pre-freshmen in the process of deciding between Williams and another college indicated that viewpoint and curricular diversity were critical factors in their decisionmaking.

When responding to inquiries from prospective students and families who are concerned about the intellectual and cultural climate of Williams, the Society proudly responds that the College is home to an ever-growing community of open-minded students dedicated to balanced civil discourse and diversity of perspective.



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