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Spotlight: Joshua Teruneh '19 Receives Randolph Q. McManus Memorial Scholarship

Joshua Teruneh '19, of Harlingen, Texas, has been named the recipient of the Randolph Q. McManus Memorial Scholarship. This award enables him to join the cohort of Intercollegiate Studies Institute Honors Scholars for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Joshua is a philosophy and classics major, and an active member of the Society for Conservative Thought and the Williams chapter of the American Enterprise Institute. He enjoys writing fiction and political editorials, and studied abroad in Athens during his junior year.

As an ISI Honors Scholar, Joshua had the opportunity to attend a summer honors conference in Seabeck, Washington. He shared the following remarks on his experience:

The Seabeck honors conference, to me, was a defining moment of my life. My political philosophy and adherence to liberty were challenged by its historical failings and bleak future, yet this challenge edified my spirit rather than depress it. My knowledge expanded in other areas too: religious traditionalism, free-market economics, and constitutional history. And this was only the subjects talked about within the formal lectures! The region of Washington itself had a spiritual and physical beauty to it. My peers were just as talented and spirited as I was, if not more. Thus, it was immensely satisfying to befriend many of these individuals, and I am certain these will be life-long friendships. Additionally, the staff at the program were just as friendly and intelligent, and I look forward to their mentorship as time advances. It was more than just an intellectually stimulating experience: it was spiritually fulfilling, just as Seabeck’s beautiful mountains and soothing beach pleased my psyche.

The Randolph Q. McManus Memorial Scholarship is funded by Paul Isaac '72, in memory of Randy McManus '72, a classmate and beloved member of the Williams community. This tribute to Mr. McManus' legacy will ensure that future generations of young Americans will continue to be educated in the traditions of ordered liberty.



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